What is talent exactly?

It is very easy to feel subjugated by those around us that have or are perceived to have talent, but what exactly do we mean by the word talent and how important is it for those of us who are striving to become creative in different ways, to achieve this talented status?

All my life I have enjoyed taking on new challenges, acquiring new skills in both a professional capacity and a personal one.  I have definitely never classed myself as talented, but I do class myself as hardworking.  Unfortunately, I did not find love in being creative until I reached adulthood, and as an adolescent found myself following what my tutors said I excelled at, and what would make a good career choice.  My career path took the less imaginative but nevertheless a very rewarding one, employed at senior levels in various accounting positions in various industries over the years working within industry and commerce.  Whilst I do not consider myself or my position as talented, I do consider myself as skilled and experienced at what I do for a living on a daily basis.  I have achieved this through sheer hard work and determination.

We all have different opinions on this subject I know, but I did not understand why sometimes Artists were associated with some sort of elitism and exclusiveness.  I have always thought that like any profession, that Professional Artists who start their artistic career through professional study and qualifications deserve recognition for their achievements, and yes I agree they are talented, but they have achieved their talented status through sheer hard work like any of us.

But being creative or having the desire to be creative is something special.  It is when you start to see the world with different eyes, experiencing emotional responses to the world that you were previously oblivious to, life changes a little. For some more fortunate than others, this ability appears at a very young age and with family support they are guided and encouraged to live out an artistic journey. This to me is what being talented about.  Whether self-taught or achieved through study, it is the emotional response that give rise to a talented status.  Everyone with the desire and determination can through hard work achieve a level of technical ability in anything in life, but it is the emotional response and overwhelming desire to create something as a result of that response that makes a creative person special.  Is this why those of us striving to become creative in any way, value and aim for such a special status?

I would love to hear you opinions on this subject, do you feel the same or do you disagree?  Leave me your thoughts and remember to follow my blog for future art related topics and artwork updates on my Gallery and Portfolio WIP pages.  Many thanks Jackie K.


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