This original painting was created with indian inks, pastels and pastel pencils. The painting area is a large painting approx. 18"x12" and is painted on a beautiful fine sanded surface giving texture to the piece.


Well Seasoned

This original painting is another piece created with Indian inks, pastels and pastel pencils. I love how the inks reacted with each other in this piece. Again the painting area is approx. 18"x12" and painted on a beautiful fine sanded surface.


Blue Splitty

Old VW Campervans - don't you love them! This vibrant Original painting was created using Indian Inks, Pitt artist pens and pastels on a lovely sanded surface. One of my favourites! Painting area details to follow.


Mustang Reflections

I love painting reflections and this one was a real challenge! This Original painting is in coloured pencils and took an age to create! But I absolutely love the finished creation do you? Approx painting area 16"x10"


Space Splitty

Who doesn't love a VW? An Original painting in liquid watercolour. This medium is very vibrant and unlike traditional watercolour has a very opaque white in the range. I loved making this fun piece. Approx painting size 20"x14"


No Wheels On My Wagon

Lots of lovely texture using indian inks and pastel on a beautiful sanded surface, mixed with a soft out of focus background. Approx painting size 18"x12"


Cool Coronet

You can probably tell by now I love painting old cars! Loved the shapes and textures in this. This Original Painting was created with Acrylic inks and pastels again on a sanded surface.