Jackie Kirby the Artist behind jackiekirbyart.com

Jackie Kirby is a Midlands UK based artist who enjoys exploring new media whilst continuing to develop a realistic style.  She is continually exploring, experimenting and re-evaluating her work.

In all her pictures, Jackie aims to achieve a level of realism while working on different surfaces using different techniques, and enjoys working with different subject matter.

Her past and present pieces of work include various subjects from the natural world, but she also enjoys working on portraits, florals and some still life.

Jackie’s work is exhibited in exhibitions and events local to where she lives, and her aim is to achieve an individual style developed over a lifetime of painting and drawing.

Jackie also enjoys encouraging others to participate in art, and has run art classes and art social groups in recent years.  She is a member of local art groups, and assists with events to promote art to the local community.