Jackie Kirby the Artist behind jackiekirbyart.com

Hi I’m Jackie the Artist behind Jackie Kirby Art and I love painting and drawing.  With the exception of art classes and workshops I have attended in past and recent years, I am a self-taught artist, currently experimenting with different media, subject matter and techniques.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to spend hours playing with different types of paint, pastels, and pencils, getting lost in the shapes of nature especially when the subject matter possesses beautiful colours and strong differences in tone.  My first love is for painting and drawing flowers and I am always experimenting with different ways of expressing them in my art.  I am also enjoying new challenges with different subject matter, and I am looking forward to sharing those pieces with everyone through my website.

Originally my preferred medium was watercolour, but more recently have found pastel, pencil and coloured pencils to be extremely rewarding in the effects that can be obtained when used alone or in mixed media pieces.  I have also used Oil and Acrylic paints, and will be in the future exploring these some more and including artwork in these mediums on the website.

My aim is to try and inspire other self-taught artists or those wanting to start painting & drawing as a hobby, as I firmly believe that anyone with a strong enough desire and through hard work and determination can learn to draw and paint. I hope to do this through my website and art classes and social groups. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback through the contact page on this site, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your interest in my art, Jackie K.