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Update – 30/8/22 – these are no longer available from Contrado sorry

Surface Patterns For Kitchen Textiles

I love designing with watercolour and then mixing the hand painted elements with digital media to create and design surface patterns for fabrics, including oven gloves and other kitchen textiles.

The contrasting effect of using hand painted watercolour images and digital media, can make a modern appealing design.

UK Manufacturer For Artists

Being based in the UK, it made sense for me to partner with a UK based manufacturer of kitchen textiles.

As an independent artist, I am not in the market for large production runs, so my research led me to a UK print on demand company called Contrado.

Unlike many other print on demand companies, Contrado work predominantly with artists, and everything they manufacture is made to order in their London UK facility.

All their operations are under one roof so quality, speed and efficiency are under their control and not with outside parties. This is important to me as this will reflect directly on me and my customers.

Kitchen Textiles – Teapot Collection

I have created a range of cute teapot illustrations in watercolour to use on textiles for aprons, oven gloves and tea towels. Plus matching kitchen wall art prints to give an overall co-ordinated look.

The colour range is on trend and will brighten any kitchen decor

What Are Oven Gloves Made From?

My oven gloves are manufactured using a faux suede fabric of 100% polyester which has been officially certified as fire rated.

The fabric is more fire resistant to fire than other textiles, but the gloves are not fireproof. They have a double layer of insulation and are water resistant.

The soft suede face is non fray and has a matte finish. It is a heavy weight fabric weighing 250 gsm; a solid material with no elasticity which creates a strong tense material.

The material is slightly opaque and is perfect for curtains, soft furnishings and kitchen textiles.

The gloves are made by stitching the fabric together along the sides, so although I have created a seamless pattern, a seamless wrap around cannot be achieved.

Practical & Pretty Oven Gloves

The separate thumb grip on the oven glove makes removing dishes from the oven easy, and the hanging loop allows you to maintain a tidy kitchen as well as show off your pretty design.

These gloves offer you the ultimate protection as they also cover your wrists which sometimes get left unprotected and accidentally burnt.

Oven Glove Rose

Rose Oven Glove – Removing dishes is easy with the separate thumb grip.

Oven Glove Pink

Pink Oven Glove – Offer the ultimate wrist protection.

Can You Wash Oven Gloves?

At some point your gorgeous oven gloves are going to get splattered with food stains. No matter how careful you are it will happen.

With my oven gloves this is not a problem. Wash at 30 degrees to preserve the life of the print up to a maximum of 85 degress for stubborn stains. Dry using normal drying methods and they can be ironed if required.

Interested In Watercolour Painting?

Then watch my realtime watercolour video for beginners here.

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  1. Hi Jackie – Talked with Eric Watson this morning regarding your modern art & lovely, pretty and practical kitchen items, perfect for today. In the process of setting up Creative Arts Show 21, with Worcester CC Crowdfunding platform, very exited about what we can all achieve with this. Website and project being costed and under development, ideas most welcome

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