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So far I have been using a selection of traditional and digital media to create illustrations for surface patterns, and traditional materials for my paintings.

Initially, for my patterns, I created my assets using watercolours and inks which I scanned and then used to create repeat patterns in Photoshop.

But there are times such as when travelling or when studio space is limited that drawing digitally gives you additional freedoms and allows you to carry on creating.

Whilst you cannot replace the tactile surface of traditional papers or canvas, drawing on a tablet is as portable as drawing in your sketchbook, and a whole lot easier to correct.

So, in an effort to try and improve my digital drawing, I have been using my tablet as I would a normal sketch book.

Digital Media Style

Wanting to expand beyond sketching digitally, I spent time looking at the styles of digital painting online.

During initial sessions with drawing and painting apps on my Ipad, I established that to create a realistic painting was not going to be a quick learning curve.

This style would need some tuition, guidance and practice over a period of time.

So I set about exploring how I could use an illustration style to create some art prints using a similar process.

My aim being to create some designs I could use for art prints and explore other skills in digital media during the process.

Online Learning

In the past when I have wanted to explore a new medium, I have attended workshops run by other artists local to where I live to understand various ways of using the materials.

But on this occasion my only choice was via online learning as I could not find local artists offering any sort of workshops using digital media.

In the past I used Skillshare when first exploring how to use my traditional watercolour in conjunction with digital media for pattern making.

So finding several illustrators on Skillshare showing their working processes to create finished pieces of work suitable for art prints has been really helpful.

After some time watching classes and practicing I was ready to create my own version based on one of the classes I had followed.

Digital Media Tools

The tools that I have for drawing digitally are an IPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

The apps that are available for these are extensive but for sketching and inking using a raster based app, I have been concentrating on Procreate.

My thoughts are that if I can master one application first, find out it’s limitations I can then move on to another application that may have additional features.

One of the great things about Procreate is that the app records your process in a video so that you can playback, review and share if you’re brave enough!

This video shows my illustration process and the finished illustration used to produce an art print.

The initial drawing in red is the sketch using a pencil brush and the second layer in white is where I am using an inking brush for the line drawing that I will be using for adding colour.

I follow my initial sketch lines, but where I feel the sketch can be improved I change when using the inking brush.

Procreate uses layers so individual motifs can be drawn on their own layer.

These can then moved around the artboard and repositioned which is a great aid with composition.

The only challenge with Procreate is that depending on the model IPad you are using and the overall canvas size you have choosen for your piece, the number of layers that you have available can be restrictive.

With this challenge in mind, I am now exploring another IPad app called Affinity Designer.

Affinity uses both both vector and raster based softwear with no layer limitation.

Digital Drawing – Have a go!

Already have an IPad? Why not head over to Skillshare and check out their online classes with this referal?

Take a look at the finished art print which I have incorporated onto a watercolour paper – available to view and purchase in my Etsy store.

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