Watercolour & Watercolour Pencils

Mixed Media Project – Watercolour & Watercolour Pencils – Peony Bouquet

Follow my progress as I paint & draw

Mixed Media Painting project

Materials – Moulin du roy watercolour paper, Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolours, Caran D’ache & Derwent Watercolour pencils, & Derwent White Drawing pencil.

After the initial washes of wet into wet watercolour, layers of soft watercolour pencil are used to create the first flower

Watercolour Peony

My aim is to use the the initial out of focus watercolour washes as an underpainting for the pencil detail…..

Watercolour & Coloured Pencils Peonies

and wherever possible use the initial wash as a highlight ……

Watercolour Peonies

Watercolour pencils are much softer than wax or oil based coloured pencils. I am using them as dry and wet media in this painting….

Watercolour Peonies

Blending can be done with water to soften areas where wanted or with a white pencil which is effective over darker areas of underpainting

Watercolour Peonies

Like all coloured pencils, a sharp point is needed when you want to use for detail

Watercolour Peonies

I’m using a range of pinks and green tones in both makes of pencil and continue layering and blending until I get the effect I am looking for…

Final painting now in my portfolio

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