New Artwork – Golden Green Grapes

I have had this image on my easel throughout the Summer, while I ponder if I have said all a want to say in paint about this subject.  My main objective was to show depth in the artwork with the use of negative painting and cooler colours in those parts to help portray recession.  I was very conscious that I needed to also show warmth in the areas where sunlight was resting on the fruit and leaves of the vine, so because my chosen medium for this painting was watercolour, a considerable amount of planning needed to go into the process before paint touched the paper.  I made a reasonably detailed drawing of the piece, identifying where the darkest and lightest tones needed to sit to make what I believe is an acceptable composition.  I have not tried to achieve the extreme of realism with this painting, but I wanted to achieve some level of detail which I hope I have managed to convey.  If you are interested in my art, please pop into and have a look around as most of the art on my site is now for sale.  I would be delighted to hear from you, so please get in touch and leave any comments or questions you may have, and if you want to follow my blog, please leave your email address at the bottom of any page on my website.  Many thanks Jackie K.

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