Wall Art Yellow Floral

Art Prints, Wall Art – New Design – Different Medium?

Watercolour Art Prints In between painting larger pieces of artwork, I paint simple illustrations and create art prints and patterns with the design. Watercolour is one of my favourite mediums when painting simple designs like flowers. The colours that are … Continue reading Art Prints, Wall Art – New Design – Different Medium?

Art Tips, Techniques & Tutorials on YouTube

At the beginning of this year I started running a small watercolour class for beginners.  Most of my students are accomplished artists in other mediums and I have known many of them for a long time.  It was a marvellous feeling to be asked by them to start running some watercolour tuition, and so far I’m enjoying every minute.  As part of the class, I started making video tutorials and putting them on my website.  I had the immediate problem that I was limited on file size and therefore ended up opening up my YouTube channel and linking the videos to my … Continue reading Art Tips, Techniques & Tutorials on YouTube

My New Blog/Website

Hello!  I’m Jackie the Artist behind Jackie Kirby Art and I’m new to the world of blogging & websites!  Thank you to Lisa Clough the Artist behind Lachri.com and John Middick from sharpenedartist.com for giving me the inspiration to start this site and to start showing my artwork.  Your weekly podcast has given me all the information I needed to start my wordpress blog  & website, I thank you and hope you continue to inspire others to do the same.  I look forward to sharing my artwork with the world; constructive criticism only welcome please!  Thank you   Continue reading My New Blog/Website