New Experimental Work In Progress

The last two months have been exceptionally busy.  Participating in the local  Arts In Redditch Pop Up Gallery, and opening my studio at the same time was a little hectic to say the least. But no matter how busy life is, I still need to be moving forward with my art, and this work in progress is a real first for me.  I was overwhelmed to receive an Icarus Heated Painting Board, as a gift from a very dear supportive friend, who continues to encourage me in my artistic journey. The board is designed to be used with wax based media, so coloured pencils, artist wax crayons such as Neopastels and oil pastels are ideal for the Icarus board technique.  This is my very first attempt and very experimental so I am not expecting a masterpiece, but I’m loving every minute of it!  For updates on how I progress with this new project, and my experiences using the Icarus Board, sign up to follow my blog by email by visiting my website  

Icarus Painting Board & Wax Based Media

Icarus Painting Board & Wax Based Media Work In Progress

Icarus Painting Board & Wax Based Media

Icarus Painting Board & Wax Based Media

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Self Taught Artist, Drawing, Painting, Creating Artwork


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! It is always an adventure to experiment. Enjoy!



    1. It’s brilliant Carol I love how bright the colours are and I can’t wait to see how my oil pastels perform. I sometimes feel so lucky to be able to experiment with things like this.

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