Polished Pebbles

Icarus Painting Board Art

Polished Pebbles is another piece of work that I have completed using my Icarus heated painting board.  Using wax based media on this board is wonderful.  Blending with a pure wax stick once you have built up the level of pigment you want, makes the colours really vibrant, and the stick glides over the pigment with ease.  I have found very quickly that only certain brands of coloured pencils work using this method.  Oil based coloured pencils don’t react to the heat as wax pencils do, so I use my oil based pencils to apply any details off heat, and for my other coloured pencil work when using odourless mineral spirits as I did when I produced Amur Leopard.  To see how I created this piece of artwork head over to my YouTube channel  to see a full video showing every step of this piece of work.  On this piece I used Prismacolor Premier & Caran D’Ache Pablo coloured pencils plus a Caran D’ache colourless wax blender. This artwork will be available to purchase from my website on the art for sale pages shortly.

Supply links for the above pencils, Prismacolor Premier and Caran D’ache pencils are available from Amazon:

Sanford Wood Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, 150 pcs

Caran D’Ache Pablo artists quality colouring pencils tin set of 80 assorted water resistant colours

The links on this page are my Amazon affiliate links for your convenience, but these products are widely available from all good art suppliers.

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