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Watercolour Art Prints

In between painting larger pieces of artwork, I paint simple illustrations and create art prints and patterns with the design.

Watercolour is one of my favourite mediums when painting simple designs like flowers.

The colours that are available for artists today are vast and if you love painting florals a bright colour palette is a must have.

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers

In addition to traditional watercolour I love to use Winsor & Newton watercolour markers.

They are highly pigmented and mix perfectly with traditional watercolour.

The colour range is fabulous with bright pops of colour that I love.

And in addition to this they are 100% lightfast.

You can use the markers to draw as you would with any regular marker pen, but they transform when you apply water, turning into a watercolour painting.

The sooner you apply water to the pigment, the better the results are, allowing you to blend the colours as you would traditional forms of watercolour.

They also make a perfect choice for outdoor on location sketching, along with some simple pre filled water brushes for travelling light.

Each marker has two nibs, one is larger and brush shape in form and the other is smaller perfect for detailed drawing.

Watercolour Paper

The markers need to be used on watercolour paper, as their blending ability will vary depending on the paper used.

Different watercolour papers will give different effects.

In my new design I used hot pressed watercolour paper as I have also used ink pens as a contrast in the design.

Hot pressed paper is completely smooth and perfect for detailed inkwork, whereas other forms of watercolour paper have a texture.

This short video shows how I use the markers to draw, colour and then use standard watercolour techniques to obtain various tones and wet into wet watercolour effects.

Mixing Mediums

The great thing with these markers is that they mix with traditional watercolour paint.

So if you prefer to paint large areas of wet into wet washes with standard tube paint, but then want the control in a drawing form for smaller areas or details they are perfect.

The paint from the markers does however dry quite quickly.

So for blending you need to work fast so some practice is needed.

Cleaning & Storage

They are very easy to clean. Simply write or scribble on a piece of paper to clean the nib.

To remove any watercolour paint simply wipe with a damp cloth.

One important factor is not to let your markers dry out by leaving the caps off. And as a precaution I store my markers flat so that the pigment inside keeps both nibs moist.

Wall Art Yellow Floral

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