Art Tips, Techniques & Tutorials on YouTube

At the beginning of this year I started running a small watercolour class for beginners.  Most of my students are accomplished artists in other mediums and I have known many of them for a long time.  It was a marvellous feeling to be asked by them to start running some watercolour tuition, and so far I’m enjoying every minute.  As part of the class, I started making video tutorials and putting them on my website.  I had the immediate problem that I was limited on file size and therefore ended up opening up my YouTube channel and linking the videos to my … Continue reading Art Tips, Techniques & Tutorials on YouTube

What is talent exactly?

It is very easy to feel subjugated by those around us that have or are perceived to have talent, but what exactly do we mean by the word talent and how important is it for those of us who are striving to become creative in different ways, to achieve this talented status? All my life I have enjoyed taking on new challenges, acquiring new skills in both a professional capacity and a personal one.  I have definitely never classed myself as talented, but I do class myself as hardworking.  Unfortunately, I did not find love in being creative until I … Continue reading What is talent exactly?